Cat Urine Spraying - How To Stop The Behavior

Spraying is not a litter box problem, and can't be solved the same way. Cats can have a spraying problem, yet still be faithfully using their litter box for elimination.

How to tell the difference between a cat that is spraying and a cat that is urinating:

Spray is created when your cat mixes a small amount of urine with glandular secretions called pheromones.

Because of this, spray usually has a distinct smell different than urine.

When a cat sprays, it stands straight up and lifts it's bottom high in the air – usually against a vertical surface like a wall.

If your cat isn't spraying in this upright position, then you may actually be dealing with a litterbox avoidance issue.

So why do cats spray?

· Unaltered males and females spray to attract a mate.

Unaltered female cats spray to attract a male. Unaltered male cats spray the perimeter of the territory where they want to find a mate.

· To mark their territory.

Your cat may perceive a territorial threat – this could be in the form of a new cat or dog, or an outdoor cat getting too close to the house – their territory!

· To relieve stress.

· To communicate something to another cat.

Most spraying is done in multi-cat homes where there is a lot of tension. Read the multi-cat section of my book Cat Behavior Secrets Revealed to get more information about keeping the peace in a multi-cat home


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