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From: Liz Barton
Wednesday, 8:27 A.M.

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Dear Fellow Cat Lover Friend,

Doesn't it just drives you nuts?

You spoil your cat rotten.  

You buy dozens of ultra-fun toys, the fanciest looking scratching post in the whole pet store, a premium litterbox, delicious gourmet cat food - and a luxurious cat bed that looks even comfier than the bed you sleep on

And then...

... your cat completely ignores the scratching post and runs straight for the couch, hardly ever seems the slighest bit interested in playing with toys, never pays attention to you unless you're holding a bag of food, and has even stopped using the litterbox for no obvious reason!

You love your cat more than anything -- but you're ripping your hair out and you're just not sure how much more you can stand this bad behavior! I know what it's like....I've been there. (More on that in must a moment - but first....)  

How To Stop Your Cat's Bad Behavior Once And For All -- You Can See Results Your Very First Day...

As you read every single word on this page, you'll soon realize you can easily train your cat and eliminate behavior problems, when you use these methods and techniques.

In just a second, I will reveal to you how you can begin eliminating your cat's bad behavior problems today, and see results almost instantly. (and these techniques and tricks will work on any cat, young or old, purebred or stray, Siamese or Orange Tabby...)

But before I jump into the details, let me tell you a little about myself - and show you why you can believe what I say.

Over the past 4 and a half years, I've personally raised, trained, and (literally) tamed 11 misbehaved kittens - and transformed them into loving, well-behaved housecats. Why do I say tamed? Because all but one of these kittens were born feral.

I was shocked when I read this:

Read this dictionary definition of a feral cat...

"A feral cat is a cat which has been separated from domestication, whether through abandonment, loss, or running away, and has become wild. The term also refers to descendants of such cats, but not to Wild Cats, whose ancestors were never domesticated.

Feral cats usually cannot be re-socialized. Feral kittens, however, can be socialized to live with humans if they are taken from a feral colony before they are about twelve weeks old."

Out of the 11 kittens I took home - Only 2 were younger than twelve weeks old the day they came home with me -- the other 9 were nearly 6 months old. (At first I couldn't even catch the remaining 9).

Was I crazy? Obviously, those kittens shouldn't have even been "tamable", let alone trainable. (And believe me - if you had been there the day I chased those dirty, flea-infested little furballs down and captured them - you would've thought I was completely off my rocker for even allowing them into my car)

But that's actually not the most shocking part of this story.

I have a confession to make.

Before bringing home and training those 11 "wild cats", I was a complete cat dummy.

Seriously! I'm not kidding...

Before that day, I had never "been owned" by a cat. Not one. I didn't know a single thing about taking care of cats!

But that all had to change the very millisecond I managed to trap them in the back seat of my car.

I didn't have a choice - I couldn't afford to put all of them into a pet adoption program (They wanted me to pay $95 for each one) and as an animal lover, I refused to simply dump them at the pound so they could all be put to sleep!

With so many sweet, loveable cats and adorable bright-eyed kittens stuffed into the pound already, what chance did these skinny, malnutritioned - sociopathic freak kittens have?

I had to train them and find them homes on my own.

So I hit the books.

To this day, I've read and studied more than 100 books and articles about cat behavior, cat health, and cat care. (And an enormous portion of it was done during that very first week of bringing them home)

What's more, I've spoken to and interviewed a dozen plus veterinarians, as well as volunteers at local animal shelters, volunteers at animal adoption centers (including people who are cat "foster parents") and other cat lovers.

To top it off, I also worked in a pet grooming salon for about a year, so I had to know enough about cats to be able to control them and keep them calm while they were being groomed. (But believe me, I learned a thing or two while I was there - and I've got the scars to prove it!)

I've probably learned more about cats in the last few years than most cat owners will ever know.

As a result, almost everyone who knows me comes to me for advice when their cat starts acting out.

My family, co-workers and friends think I have

A natural gift for understanding cats

Only I (and now you) know that it took years of studying before this was possible.

One of the most important things you need to know about cat behavior is:

You have to know how cats think and why they act the way they do before you can attempt to change their behavior.

By doing this you can easily pinpoint the exact reason why any cat is mis-behaving, and begin to eliminate the problem behaviors immediately.

In order to get the results you want, you have to work with your cat's natural instincts - rather than against them, which is what most training methods teach.

You're probably making crucial mistakes in your cat's training - and you don't even know it!

It's not your fault!

Before we go any further, I want to set something straight.

Most training advice you hear about training cats is based on theories, or what "so and so" said - and are almost always methods that make your cat see you as a enemy to avoid.

Think about it.

You might suspect your cat "knows" he's doing something wrong, because he runs away from you.

If this sounds like your cat, then you've been doing extreme damage to your relationship with your cat, and probably making the behavior even worse with every day that goes by.

Aside from that, one thing is for certain.

Whatever you're currently doing . . . isn't working. Otherwise, you wouldn't be reading this letter!

Imagine yourself finally uncovering the exact secrets and insider techniques I discovered that enabled me to transform 11 misbehaved, anti-social ferals into loveable housecats in less than 2 weeks -- and go on to raise 4 happy, loving and well-behaved cats of my own?

Imagine always knowing the real reason why your cat is misbehaving - and being able to quickly and easily stop your cat problems.

And the best part? You'll soon see that these proven 'insider techniques' are not at all hard to do - in fact, they're probably much easier than what you're doing now.

With that said, I've taken everything I've learned about cats in the past few years and "compressed" it - into 1 fast, easy-to-use cat training and care system.

And It's Not Like Any Of Those Generic Cat Books You Find At Pet Stores...

Introducing the all new, unique Cat Secrets Revealed Package.

Let's begin with:

Cat Behavior Secrets Revealed Book


Here's Just A Small Taste Of What You'll Soon Discover in Cat Behavior Secrets Revealed!

  • One change that can completely turn your cats life around for the better and has the potential to stop every single one of your cat's behavior problems. A bold claim? Wait til' you see your results - you'll be delighted and amazed!
  • One strange but common emotional problem all cats are prone to. I'll tell you the symptoms - and how to fix the problem so your cat can be happy again.
  • 7 secrets to eliminating stinky litterbox problems. You'll feel totally comfortable and at ease when guests come over because you know there are no offensive or sickening odors.
  • The 3 times when an outdoor or an indoor/outdoor cat should not be allowed outside.
  • For cat owners who also have (or have had) dogs. Why you can't train a cat the same way as a dog - and exactly what will happen if you do.
  • Warning: Bought a cat condo from the pet store that also 'doubles up' as a scratching post? Here's why your cat may not be scratching it (or even using it at all!)
  • The exact steps to take when you move into a new house - and how to prevent your cat from displaying stress behaviors like spraying and scratching after the move.
  • 5 secrets to stop your cat from scratching the furniture.
  • How to easily stop your cat from scratching and climbing on your wood furniture.
  • The #1 alternative to declawing that protects you, your children and your furniture from cat scratches.
  • How to make sure you're using the right kind of post (yes, there is a wrong kind of post - if your cat is refusing to use the post, chances are you've got one).

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  • Why getting a scratching post from the pet store can be a disaster waiting to happen - and how to find and choose a scratching post your cat will love and regularly use!
  • A proven way to completely stop a spraying problem in more than 90% of cats.
  • What kind of material most cats don't like to scratch. (Make sure you know this because many scratching posts are made out of this.)
  • 4 places to put your cat's scratching post that practically forces them to scratch it instead of the furniture. (and no, it's not right in front of the furniture.)
  • Caution: Never do this when you first bring home a scratching post or your cat may never use it.
  • Does your cat bite you for no apparent reason? Get inside your cat's mind and discover exactly why your cat is biting so you can solve the problem in the shortest amount of time.

Bastian & Breeny
(Lilac Burmese)

"Truly excellent information that everyone with a cat must read"

"Hi Liz,

Thanks for all the wonderful information in Cat Secrets Revealed. This will save people a ton of time and make many pets very happy!

You know, I've always liked the saying that "dogs have masters but cats have staff." Cats just know they're in charge. Maybe your details about understanding cat behavior will really let the cat out of the bag (so to speak) and people-pussy relationships can be put on a much more even footing.

Seriously though, this is a great set of really useful insights and tips. It will certainly empower a lot of people.

I think your health and diet details alone are worth twice the investment for this book. You've provided some truly excellent information that everyone with a cat must read. Well Done!"

Dr. Peter Tylee
Albury, Australia

  • How to make the scratching post the most exciting and pleasurable place in the house - so your cat never even thinks about scratching anything else again!
  • Is your cat spraying? Or just urinating in the wrong place? There's a difference, and I'll show you how to tell the difference so you take the right steps to solving the problem.
  • How to easily pinpoint the exact reason why your cat is spraying, so you can finally stop the problem. In some cases, the solution may be instant.
  • What to do if you want to make sure your kitten never sprays as an adult.
  • One product you can use that may potentially solve every single one of your cat's problems with just a few days of use.
  • Why cat's sometimes spray on a persons clothing, and exactly what you should do about it.
  • How to eliminate the embarrassing and disgusting smell of cat urine in your carpets and furniture by following these steps.
  • Slip into your cat's mind and find out the real reason why she/he has suddenly stopped using the litterbox.
  • Discover exactly how many litterboxes you need in your multi-cat home.
  • 8 things to do if you want to have the maximum bond and love of your cat.
  • Do not make this mistake when playing with your cat. (I bet you didn't know there was a wrong way to play with your cat – the truth is, playing with your cat the wrong way can actually cause hard to solve behavioral problems – and doing it the right way will solve behavior problems.)
  • Why this specific health problem will make any cat stop using the litterbox - it's important to know this so you can take your cat to the vet immediately.
  • Why a cat's natural instincts may stop it from using a particular shaped litterbox.
  • A *surefire* technique to retrain any cat to use the litterbox - no matter how stubborn or set in its ways.
  • How to quickly avoid making the #1 mistake cat owners make that causes their cat's destructive behavior to escalate.
  • Get all the facts about indoor and outdoor cats so you can make the best decision for your cat's life.
  • How to choose a cat litter your cat will love so she'll always want to use the litterbox faithfully.
  • Why some litters are dangerous to your cat - and how to make sure the one you choose is safe.
  • Stop worrying about your cat jumping on the counter every time you leave the room - any of these 4 tricks will keep your cat off the counter for good. (even when you're not home)
  • Chewing on electrical cords can burn or shock your cat. Here's exactly what to do to keep your cat safe.
  • Sick and tired of your cat pouncing on you in the middle of the night and waking you up? Here's a fun and easy solution that really works.

"I am happier with her"

"Cat Secrets Revealed was unbelievable! There is so many tips and advice I've learned I can't mention them all.

I've had a few cats before but now that I have this info my new kitten seems the happiest and is surely the most behaved of them all. And in return I am happier with her.


Elizabeth Campos
Sugarhouse, UT

  • How a common appliance in your house may be stopping your cat from using the litter box.
  • Embarrassed when guests come over because your houseplants have been massacred and chewed to pieces? 5 simple solutions that'll keep your cat out of the plants.
  • A simple, sneaky trick that stops "door bolter" cats who burst out the door the second anyone opens it.
  • How to easily gain the trust of a timid cat - so you can get to the fun stuff like playing and cuddling.
  • A very cool way to keep an outdoor cat safe.
  • The 5-step process for introducing cats to each other - so there's no fighting and they'll grow to be best friends in no time!
  • Tips specifically for multi-cat homes, so you can keep the peace and avoid behavior problems.
  • Few people know the truth about declawing. Do you have all the facts? Or are you making blind decisions based on what you've heard or what you think you know?
  • A simple question to ask your vet that can aid you in determining whether or not your vet truly cares, or just wants to take advantage of you and suck as much cash out of you as he/she possibly can.
  • Tips to keeping catnip as fresh and potent as possible so it lasts longer - and is more fun!
  • Did you know that some training techniques must be applied differently in a multi-cat home? I'll show you which ones and how to do them the right way! (If you're using the same training methods in a multi-cat home as you would in a single cat home – you may be creating more behavioral problems than you're solving).
  • How to tell which of your cats are urinating on the carpet or furniture so you avoid wasting your time and energy trying to retrain the wrong cat.

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Cat Grooming and Health Secrets Revealed Book

Here's A Sample Of What You'll Discover in Cat Grooming & Health Secrets Revealed !

  • What is the right age to start bathing your cat? (Do it too early and your cat may get sick -- too late and your cat won't be used to it and will be difficult to control).
  • 6 things you'll need before you start bathing your cat. Being prepared ahead of time will make the bathtime easier for you, and less stressful for your cat.
  • What kind of shampoo to use on your cat so it won't cause dandruff and dry, itchy skin.
  • Does your cat hate baths? 2 secrets to easily control a hysterical cat while bathing it.
  • When should you probably not cut your cat's nails?
  • What you should never use when cleaning your cat's ears (yet most people do).

    "Finally learned how to keep cats off the counter"

    "I purchased your book because I was having trouble introducing a new kitten into our 2-cat household and was desperately looking for a good, workable solution.

    Your book gave me all the help I needed to finally get all our cats to accept each other and become friends.

    Not only did my main problem get solved, but I also learned many other tactics even though I've had cats for quite a while.

    I finally learned how to keep cats off the counter when I'm not around and how to get them to scratch in the right place.

    Your tactics worked like a charm. Thanks so much for this book. I would highly recommend "Cat Behavior Secrets" to anyone who has a cat or is planning to get one.


    Judy Burney
    Beaverton, Oregon

  • What to do if your cat is matted - and one thing you should never do unless you want the mats to get worse.
  • 2 ways to bathe your cat and control cat odor without water.
  • Stop the embarrassment of having your furniture and clothing constantly covered in cat hair - These 2 brushes virtually eliminate shedding.
  • How to choose the right groomer for your cat - and what product to ask the groomer for if you have a cat that sheds a lot.

But it doesn't stop there, either. You'll also learn:

  • How to perform a mini-checkup on your cat so you can be aware of potential health problems early.
  • The 6 different types of worms your cat can get. Plus, how to tell if your cat has them, how to treat them - and whether or not they can be transmitted to you.
  • Teenagers and cats have this in common . . . what is it, and what should you do about it?
  • How to deal with your cat's flea problem – I'll guide you step-by-step and show you how to make sure you completely rid your cat and your home of fleas.
  • Do you have multiple pets and a flea problem? One thing you should never, ever do to treat fleas in a multi-pet home (you could be putting all of your pets in serious danger).
  • Some cat owners think their indoor cat can't contract this fatal disease – I'll tell you what it is and how to protect your cat.
  • Find out the facts about pet health insurance – how to get lower rates, when you can get discounted rates – and what other alternatives you have.
  • The truth about Toxoplasmosis - and why you don't have to get rid of your cat just because you're pregnant.
  • 17 household foods that are toxic to cats.
  • A complete list of household plants that can harm your cat if they are chewed on or eaten.
  • 10 signs your cat may have ingested poison so can rush to the vet immediately.
  • Some cats can have a serious allergic reaction to bee stings. If you're cat shows any of these 4 symptoms after being stung, it could be respiratory distress and you need to rush to rush to the vet right away.
  • When does a spider bite require a trip to the vet? Here are 8 symptoms that your cat may have been bitten by a poisonous spider.
  • 12 symptoms of a cat that needs immediate veterinary care.
  • How to diagnose and treat your cat for hairballs, ticks, ear mites, acne and constipation.
  • These secrets - and more - can be yours in just a few minutes.
"Clear, concise and informative....just what the doctor ordered!"

"At last! A logical look at how cat owners can overcome cat behavioural problems and a whole lot more to boot!

As a Veterinarian I cannot emphasize enough how frustrating it can be to see what weird and wonderful “cures” many people come up with when faced with anything out of the ordinary.

But that is about to change – from now on they will simply be directed to read your “Cats Secrets Revealed”. Clear, concise and informative – and above all a logical approach. In fact, just what the doctor ordered!"

Dr. Keith Perrett BVSc, MBA

Warning: Don't buy any ebook about cats unless it meets the following 4 criteria:

One: The training methods are proven.

The fact is: because I've read so much information about cats, I can tell you firsthand that a lot of the information out there isn't just incorrect, it's downright dangerous!

Yes, you read that right. Unsuspecting cat owners who don't know any better are destroying their relationship with their cat and creating hard to solve behavior problems by following this bad advice.

Two:It's easy to read. Not everyone has the time, patience or capabilities to read through a bunch of 300-400 page books just to find out how to solve one or two of their cat's behavior, grooming or health problems. (Nor do they want to!)

Listen, I'm not kidding around. I've read 100+ page books that revolve around just one single aspect of cat behavior.

In an effort to give you the most information and useful facts in the shortest amount of time, with the least amount of pain and searching possible - I've made Cat Secrets Revealed very easy to read and use.

Let me be a bit more specific.

In every section of the book, I lay out the facts with no fluff and no filler. I tell you the exact reason why your cat is doing that behavior -- then I carefully guide you and show you how to stop the behavior.

If you're anything like me, you just want proven, easy to implement answers - without having to wade through a ton of useless, boring information. I created Cat Secrets Revealed with that in mind, so you'll get everything you need - and nothing you don't need.

Three: You can get it fast.

When you order Cat Secrets Revealed, you'll be able to download the information instantly - which means you can be solving your cat's behavior problems in just minutes from now.

This is very important because you don't want to waste any more time reinforcing your cat's bad habits.

Seriously, put some thought into this.

Let's face it. As long as you're not using the proper methods, you're cat's unwanted behavior is just going to continue - and possibly even get worse.

Just imagine finally being able to stop those behaviors and have a healthy, loving bond with your cat again.

Four: It has a strong guarantee.I know, you're probably skeptical. Right?

That's why Cat Secrets Revealed has an 8-week, no questions asked 150% satisfaction guarantee - which means I carry all the risk on my shoulders.(But more on that in just a moment...)

You Could Easily Pay 10 Times More On Other Programs

Don't spend $125+ an hour for a consultation with a feline behavior consultant (plus the cost of travel if it's an in-home consultation).

(I know of someone who charges $380/hour just for phone consultations) and that's usually just to solve one of your cat's behavior problems.

Imagine how much that would add up if you have multiple cats, or if your cat is displaying more than one unwanted behavior - yikes!

What about visiting the vet to see if he/she can help you with your cat's behavior problem?

With the average cost of an office visit to the vet being about $40 - that's always a risk because most vets don't know squat about feline behavior.

Bottom line is, their job is to diagnose and treat illnesses in pets - not fix behavior problems.

The result? They can give you some downright bad advice about training your cat.

I actually had a vet tell me a couple years ago that it's impossible to stop a cat from spraying once it has started.

What a load of crap!

How Much Are You Paying Now For Your Catís Bad Behavior?

When you think about the cost of not fixing your cat's behavior problems, you'll quickly realize that one way or another, you're paying for it anyway.

Consider this:

Replacing furniture from a cat with a scratching problem will cost you at least a few thousand dollars...

Replacing carpet after a cat hasn't been faithfully using the litter box also costs hundreds of dollars at minimum, usually thousands.

And what about your appliances?

The first week I had those crazy kittens in my house, one of them chewed up the cord to my $350 CD stereo! Luckily, the kitten wasn't hurt because it happened to be unplugged.

But unfortunately, there was no way to replace the cord so I had to throw the whole stereo away and replace it.

Perhaps similar things have happened to you. Why continue to throw good money after bad? The key to unlocking the secret of cat behavior is right at your fingertips. There is not one good reason to put this off another minute.

With a few simple keystrokes, youíll have ďCat Behavior Secrets RevealedĒ in your hands as an instant download for a one-time investment of only $37.00. Thatís about $1.23 a day. You probably fritter away that much money before lunch on silly things that donít do a thing to solve your catís behavior problem.

I'm sure you'll agree this is an incredible bargain.

However, I can't promise you'll be able to get this discount for long.

You see, this is a very limited special introductory offer - which means the price will be raised in the very near future.

Because this ebook has just been released, I can only promise this special introductory discount for the next 100 57 people. Sorry, no exceptions.

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Feline Nutrition Secrets

Special Report: Feline Nutrition Secrets. $39 Value


Instantly become an expert on feline nutrition.

It may surprise you to discover some of the most recognized and advertised brands of pet food regularly include ingredients that aren't at all nutritious for your cat, and are even extremely harmful.If you think it's nothing, think again.

More and more evidence is coming forward supporting the fact that diseases such as:

  • Cancer
  • Heart Disease
  • Food Allergies
  • Birth Defects
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Thyroid Imbalances
  • Skin and coat problems
  • and other major illnesses
  • . . . are either caused by or contributed to by a poor diet. Not to mention a shortened life span.

    In this special report, I'll share with you:

    • The straight facts about feline health and nutrition.

    • What your cat absolutely needs to thrive and be as healthy as possible.

    • How the multi-billion dollar pet food companies are tricking you into feeding your beloved cat harmful ingredients that will shorten his or her life.

    • How to read the ingredients on a cat food label so you'll be able to make the right decision and help your cat live a long and healthy life.

    If you're at all concerned with your cat's health and well-being, this special report is for you.


    Amazing Kitten Care Secrets

    Special Report! Amazing Kitten Care Secrets: A comprehensive guide to caring for and raising a happy, sociable cat. $27.77.77 Value

    In this valuable report you'll discover:

    • Exactly how to cat/kitten proof your house. I'll take you through each room of the house and tell you what to do to ensure it's free of dangers.

    • How to choose between a male or female cat.

    • How to choose a happy, healthy kitten that's not a "scaredy-cat."

    • When is the right age to take a kitten home? Taking kittens away from their mother and littermates too early will result in a lifetime of negative, unwanted effects.

    • How to socialize your new kitten the right way, so you can greatly decrease the chances of your new little kitty developing behavioral problems as an adult cat -- and raise your new kitten to be as happy, loving and sociable as possible!

    • How to choose a knowledgeable and trustworthy veterinarian for your new family member.

    • While cats are naturally attracted to and prefer to use the litterbox, if you forget to do this - your kitten may start an early habit of going potty in the wrong places. Here's how to train your kitty to use the litterbox all the time.

    • Keep your kitten safe: 2 rooms in your home that should always be off-limits.

    • Exactly what to do with your kitty the first day home, and what not to do if you want your kitty to adjust as quickly and smoothly as possible. (Which means she/he will grow attached to and learn to trust you faster.)

    • 8 things you need to have before you bring your new kitty home.

    • How to make sure your kittens's toys are safe - plus a list of free and low cost toys that are tons of fun!

    • Amaze your friends when your baby kitten is more confident and well-behaved than their adult cat!

    HINT: It will save you time and money! $21.75 Value

    Remember, when you use Cat Secrets Revealed, you'll finally...

    Be able to have a rewarding and fun relationship with your cat again.

    Be able to create a peaceful multi-cat household (even if your cats are currently trying to scratch each other's eyes out!)

    Be able to diagnose and treat several health issues, and be aware of potential life-threatening situations.

    Be able to groom your cat for maximum health and beauty. . . without having to wear armor!

    Be able to easily solve your cat's toughest problems like scratching the furniture, digging in houseplants, jumping on the counters and kitchen table, biting you and your guests, refusing to use the litter box, bolting out the front door everytime you open it, and more...

    If you're sick and tired of putting up with your cat's behavior problems, then you owe it to yourself to at least give Cat Secrets Revealed a fair try today.

    These secrets can be yours in less than 5 minutes . . .

    It doesn't matter if you have one cat or ten.

    It doesn't matter if your cat is 13 weeks old or 16 years old.

    And it doesn't matter whether your cat is a $2,500 purebred or a stray who happened to wander onto your porch one night.

    This information will benefit you.


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    Fair enough?

    Let me just quickly recap

    Here's exactly what you're getting:

    Cat Grooming and Health Secrets Revealed Book
    Cat Behavior Secrets Revealed e-book
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    Liz Barton, Author
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